Episode represents an important fashion label under the Toppy Group.  By bringing simplicity and contemporary designs together, the brand is all about modern classic dressing for the stylish and sophisticated ladies. The term “timeless elegance” is synonymous to the brand.  

From business suits to weekend casuals, and from occasional wear to evening dresses, Episode offers the perfect ensemble for every occasion.  Famous for its beautifully tailored modern suiting, 100% cashmere coating and fashion essential cashmere knitwear range, Episode is a wardrobe staple for the discerning woman. Through careful selection of fabrics and yarns, the brand boasts supreme quality and tailored workmanship.

Jessica is a stylish and contemporary fashion label with a perceptible display of feminine flare. True to what the brand stands for, Jessica’s creations are both alluring and modern, using only superior quality yarns and fabrics and exquisite workmanship.  

Fundamental to Jessica’s designs are the artistic decorative details, the novelty fabrics, the beautifully crafted embellishments, trendy silhouettes and the forever-new production techniques and applications.  Since the brand’s inception some 30 years ago, it has evolved through the years, always staying atop of the fashion trends.  

With Hong Kong as home base, Jessica has market presence in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai and Lebanon.


Launched in Fall 2010, Jessica RED is a diffusion line to the well-recognized Jessica brand. Jessica Red incorporates a “young and simple” design ideology and is created to satisfy the growing demand of quality and tasteful clothing from today’s young customers. From young chic office wear to smart city casuals, the contemporary Jessica RED styles offer fashion-conscious shoppers a great selection at affordable prices.  

Jessica RED offers clean and chic looks to the young professionals who favour minimal yet distinctive designs. The brand features good fashion basics for easy mixing & matching—suitable for both work and leisure. The line focuses on good quality fabrics and yarns, fresh and sleek designs, and the most current fashion elements. It allows its wearers the freedom to express their tastes and individualities.